Diego is a coyote. He lives with his mother, Estrella, and their housemates Kim, Kim 2, and Ezra. His best friend is a girl from his class named Ratnali.

Diego is an energetic boy, and wants to do a million things. He particularly loves playing pirate, dancing, and learning about languages. His mother raised him speaking Spanish and English, and he thinks of languages like trading cards that he can collect. He and Kim 2 trade Spanish for Korean, and he and Ratnali trade Spanish for Bangla.

Diego wants to be an Astronaut, a Ballerina, and a Pirate when he grows up.

Early Life Edit

Diego is a first grader, and so this is still pretty much his early life. He lived in his Abuelo and Abuelita's home with Estrella for the first few years of his life, and so is deeply attached to his grandparents.

Relationships Edit

  • Estrella is Diego's mama, and the two are extremely close. Diego likes to be as close to her as possible, often climbing up her like a jungle gym when he wants attention. Diego just wishes she would stop making him go to the Dentist.
  • Kim 2 is Diego's favorite grown-up playmate. Diego has won Kim 2 over, and the two spend a lot of time playing games. Diego is always trying to pester Kim 2 to teach him Korean, which Kim 2 is reluctant to do because he doesn't really know how to be a teacher. Diego doesn't care- he thinks it's the coolest thing in the world that the twins have their own "secret language".
  • Luna is Diego's grandma. He affectionately refers to her as Abuelita, and goes bonkers whenever he sees her. She always takes him to the creek to look at tadpoles and find rocks.

Trivia Edit