Esther the River Otter

Esther is a river otter. Her hometown is Portland, Oregon. She's really into camping and used to be a River Scout. She works on-set with TV and Film production, and lives in Los Angeles.

Early Life Edit

Esther at one point was a River Scout. Her troop was supportive with her gender, and she has fond memories of her time as one.

Relationships Edit

Ezra - The first time we see Esther is at a bar(?) greeting the red panda. They strike it off kinda weird since Ezra is so awkward, but they talk more and go on their first date. They got jelly donuts on the first night of Hanukkah. After about a week of hanging out, they share a kiss and have been together ever since. Ezra is extremely happy in their relationship, mainly because of how supporting and helpful she is with Gender Stuff. She's also a total babe.