Estrella is a Coyote. She was born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area. She is in her early-mid twenties, and has a young son, Diego. She is a chef and food blogger, and earns her money by developing, photographing, and posting recipes to her cooking blog. This allows her to indulge in a hobby she greatly enjoys, support herself and her son, and stay home as much as possible.

Early Life Edit

Estrella was born in Los Angeles to Mexican-American parents. Uncertain of what she wanted to be in life, she did her best in school and was able to go to UCLA, where she went Undeclared for a long time.

While enrolled in a Latin American Studies class, she fell in love with a classmate from Brazil, and the two began dating. After a few months of dating, she became pregnant, and when she told him, he panicked. Estrella wanted to keep the child, though she was terrified, and her boyfriend absolutely did not want her to. They were both so freaked out that they decided that she would keep the child and that they would break up and he would not be part of it. Once Diego was born, Estrella took a year off from school to begin raising him with the help of her parents. Once she began to get a handle on the situation, Estrella went back to school to earn a degree in Marketing so that she would have a Bachelor's and a skill set.

Unable to find a good position after graduation, and reluctant to let her mother raise Diego while she went off to an office job every day, she decided to live with her parents and be a stay-at-home mom for a while. She began cooking for herself and her family, and eventually began turning this experience into a blog. Once it started gaining popularity, she took the opportunity and the new income and moved out of her parents' house.

Relationships Edit

  • Kim is a longtime internet friend of Estrella's. When Kim decided to move out to Los Angeles, she and Estrella decided to rent a house together, along with Kim 2, Ezra, and of course, Diego. Estrella and Kim are very good friends, and have known each other for so long that they don't remember when they met. Estrella is grateful for Kim, because as a young stay-at-home mother, Estrella doesn't get to meet too many new people her age, and Kim makes her feel like part of a social circle.
  • Kim 2 has a massive crush on Estrella, and she is becoming increasingly aware of this. Estrella has feelings for him as well, but is nervous about what that could mean in their housing situation.
  • Ezra is a new friend to Estrella, and the two get along well. They don't see each other very much, but Estrella is happy that all of her housemates get along well.
  • Diego is Estrella's son and favorite tiny person. She doesn't know how to be a perfect mother, but she remembers being young, and she wants the very best for him. She tries to indulge his fantasies and encourage him to pursue his dreams, although he can be very rambunctious and enthusiastic, which can become exhausting. Estrella and Diego are extremely close.
  • Luna is Estrella's mother. They have a warm relationship, and Luna has offered to help her daughter multiple times. Estrella wants to be able to make it on her own, and so tries to accept as little help as possible. Still, sometimes she needs her mother for guidance, since she still feels like a child herself.

Trivia Edit