Ezra is a Red Panda. He moved to Kansas City from Chicago to attend art school. Since graduating, he's been sort of at a loss for a direction to head in. Before moving to Los Angeles, he worked with Kim in a grocery store as a way to survive and save up money.

Ezra has no idea what to do with his life, even now, and focuses on drawing and trying to figure himself out as a person. How can he expect to find a direction in life when he doesn't even know what he wants out of it?

Currently Ezra is working at a record shop with Chiara.

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Relationships Edit

  • Kim is Ezra's best friend. They worked at the same grocery store together, Kim usually giving him advice on crushes and relationships. Eventually they move to Los Angeles together, Kim wanting to pursue her acting career better while Ezra felt like he needed to leave Kansas City. They currently live with Kim's internet friend, Estrella, and her son Diego.
  • Esther is Ezra's current girlfriend.

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