Karl is a Cardinal. He moved to Kansas City from St Louis to go to art school, where he met André through a roommate-matching service. The two inexplicably bonded, and have lived together since. Karl has since dropped out of school and recently returned to finish his degree and figure himself out as an artist.

Karl met Clinton at an art show at the refreshments table, where the rat was high and eating the free cheese. They've been hanging out and dating since.

Karl enjoys playing video games, wandering around, and making art. He has issues with dissociation and staying in touch with reality sometimes, but he copes with it.

Early Life Edit

Karl was born to Puerto Rican parents in the suburbs of St Louis, and lived a generally comfortable life before leaving for college. He is a trans boy, and began transitioning in his teen years. His parents were supportive of the transition, if confused.

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Trivia Edit

  • Karl's favorite video game is Harvest Moon.
  • He drinks copious amounts of coffee and has an irregular sleep schedule.
  • His bright red plumage is a source of great pride for him.
  • Apparently doesn't understand the phrase 'eat your heart out'.
  • His Spanish is atrocious and mostly limited to slang and basic phrases, despite both parents being bilingual.