Kyung Hwa Kim is a fox. She has lived in Kansas City all of her life, along with her twin brother, Kyung Chul Kim. Both of the twins go by their surname as a way to avoid hearing various mispronunciations of their given names. This confuses people sometimes, but the twins don't care.

Kim recently moved to Los Angeles with her brother and best friend, Ezra, and lives with them, her internet friend Estrella, and Estrella's son Diego. Kim is working towards becoming an actress, and has been in student films and not much else.

Early Life Edit

When Kim and Kim 2 were 5 years old, them and their parents were travelling somewhere (It is currently unknown where they were going or what they were doing.) when the vehicle crashed. Kim 2 woke up in hospital, along with Kim, with their grandma visiting them, but their parents were not with them, implying that they perished in the accident. Kim made a full recovery(?) but Kim 2's spine was damaged, paralyzing him from the waist down.

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