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OK, KIDS is a band started by André and Jack.

The two met in high school over the internet and bonded over their shared passion for music. When they both moved to the same city, they decided to start a band, and sent out Craigslist ads for members. Riley and Lou were the only two to reply to the ad, and now OK, KIDS is officially a band.

  • André as the guitarist/singer.
  • Jack as the bass player.
  • Riley as the drummer.
  • Lou as the keyboardist.

Songwriting and ideation is done collaboratively, which can make the process tense, as everyone has ideas as to what the band should sound like and what they should even be doing. Lou is the only classically trained musician in the bunch, and is the only one able to read traditional sheet music. Riley is a musical genius and regularly proves it, though she is completely disinterested in lyrics or trying to be a frontman. Jack and André write most of the lyrics together, though Jack is more focused on how good things sound and André is more focused on achieving feelings and moods.

The band is fairly new, only recently deciding on a name and playing their first few gigs. They are slowly gaining local momentum, and have started making merchandise.

Their single "Diners" was played on the local radio.

André has big dreams for OK, KIDS.